During the registration process you will be taken to a fundraising option.    Selecting this option does not require you to fund raise, but we highly encourage

                you to donate or raise funds for this worthy cause.

                                        Here are some incentives:

    Individual Rider: $500.00 - rides free following year or free ride jersey

                             $1000.00 -rides free following year and free ride jersey

    Team of Riders: $2000.00 - Team leader rides free next year
                                                    and  all team members get  free ride jersey

                                $3000.00  - All team members ride free next year
                                                    and all members get free ride jersey

    A team consists of one leader and two to four riders. Team maximum is total of five.

              Please note: All volunteer fund raising teams (no riders) are also encouraged.

Note: you can purchase a jersey even if you don't ride.
            click on 'Continue Registering', scroll down below the category listing and buy your jersey!

Notice: The deadline for ordering a jersey and having it in time for the Aug 1 event has passed. You can still order a jersey but you might not have it by Aug. 1

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