During the registration process you will be taken to a fundraising option.    Selecting this option does not require you to fund raise, but we highly encourage

                you to donate or raise funds for this worthy cause.



Club Cut

                                        Here are some incentives:

    Individual Rider: $500.00 - rides free following year or free ride jersey

                             $1000.00 -rides free following year and free ride jersey

    Team of Riders: $2000.00 - Team leader rides free next year
                                                    and  all team members get  free ride jersey

                                $3000.00  - All team members ride free next year
                                                    and all members get free ride jersey

    A team consists of one leader and two to four riders. Team maximum is total of five.

              Please note: All volunteer fund raising teams (no riders) are also encouraged.

Note: you can purchase a jersey even if you don't ride.
click to buy your jersey!