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    The first annual 'Tour de Slate' fund raising bike ride took place on Aug 4, 2018.
By all reports the event was a smashing success. After the previous night of heavy rain the day turned out to be beautiful.
Riders supported the addiction ending efforts of Teen Challenge, VT.
The rides started and finished in Middletown Springs, VT and were followed by  delicious Chicken Curry served on the green in Middletown Springs.
Here are some pictures from the 2018 event. Also read what some riders said about their experience.

Some comments are a response to "your best and your worst part of event?"

Most: Knowing I'd finished the big climb.”

“My favorite part was meeting, riding, and talking

with the guys from Teen Challenge.”

“I really feel this is one of the best causes/ fund raisers that truly serves others.”

“Best portalets I've ever seen!”

"Best- cycling with a great friend who I had never ridden with.”

“Liked the rest stop at the Slate History Museum. Took a little time to check it out, will plan to go there when I can spend more time”

“Least favorite was waking up at 4:00am to drive down from Georgia VT, but it was worth it!”

“I enjoyed the spirit at the Green.”

“Very nice event. Look forward to returning.”

“Forgetting to put on sunscreen, and seeing my son power up the hills!”

“Beautiful ride”

"I have always enjoyed riding through the beautiful countryside of Vermont and riding to raise money for Teen Challenge was a bonus. Tour De Slate did a fantastic job organizing the ride, support and activities afterwards.They had a selection of rides to match all biking abilities. Interacting with the teens who have benefited from the program and hearing their testimonials brought purpose to the day. I was glad to hear they are also trying to open a home for women suffering from addiction."  Brian, Jersey Shore