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Groad Ride - Quarry Route

Most likely the fastest growing niche of the cycling world is gravel riding, at least here in Vermont.
To add even more excitement to the 2022 ride, we decided to host a guided groad ride. No, that's not a typo. A groad ride is a combination of both unpaved gravel roads, of which there are plenty here in Vermont, and regular paved roads.
In 2023 we added a shorter groad route also. It's called the Farm Route. These are guided tours as directional marking on back roads could be troublesome. Also many back roads have intersections, etc. and we just don't want you to get lost. Your guides are local, experienced riders. They are 'no drop' rides. Tour de Slate is intended to be a first class recreational event and our goal is to keep it that way.
  So, you ask what is a no drop ride?
  It's simple. No one gets left behind!

This longer 'Quarry' ride is an awesome route. With 42% of the ride paved and 58% unpaved you will experience a rich adventure through the heart of the slate valley. You will pass many slate quarries and enjoy a rest stop at the Slate Valley Museum in Granville, NY. There will be some hills but remember that this is a 'no drop' ride. Our goal is for you to have an incredible adventure.
A few notes of interest:
Riders are strongly encouraged to be equipped
30mm tires minimum.
Next, if you are familiar with some of these roads you might be confused by the Coy Hill Road section. The route leaves Coy Hill Rd in Middletown Springs and then follows Mountain Road.
When that road enters the town of Wells the name changes back to Coy Hill Road. But remember, this is a guided tour and your guides are aware of all of this.

Click on 'View Full Version' located in the upper left of the map to see details including gravel/pave breakdown.

Start Time 8:15AM

To view map, rider cues and additional information click 'View Full Version' on the map

 To view quarries, switch map to satellite when in 'Full Version'

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