100 Mile Ride

New for this year- a 100 mile ride

In order to remain consistent with our ride objectives the 100 mile ride is rider friendly. Also it includes as much of the slate valley as is reasonable. The ride is not be intended to be a contest as to see who will collapse first.

Here are a couple of pictures of the ride in winter.

According to the New York HomeTownLocater, Slateville,NY is a populated area within the town of Hebron. You will ride here when you ride the 100 Mile.

There will be a rest stop on the Green in Fair Haven. This is one of the most picturesque town greens in Vermont.

Start time 7:30 AM

Really neat rest stops on this route. First the picturesque town green in Fair Haven, VT, then the Slate Valley Museum, Granville, NY. Then The Sheldon Store Project in Rupert, VT.

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